ROI Calculator

Implementing a time and attendance system can ultimately save an organization money, potentially even paying for itself over time. One of the ways to estimate this multi-variable ROI is to work with an ROI calculator such as this one, where you can set multiple variables depending on your organization. Drag the bars to adjust the variables individually, or type numbers in one-by-one to best determine your time and attendance ROI.

Payroll Information

1. Number of employees:
2. Number of pay periods:
3. Average hourly rate ($USD):
4. Minutes spent per timecard for editing:
5. Hourly payrate of the person editing timecards ($USD):
Hours saved per pay period:
Dollars saved per pay period:
Dollars saved annually:

The Cost of Human Error

6. Error percentage rate (The Department of Labor suggests an average error rate between 2-4%):
7. Hours worked per pay period:
Average payroll total:
Per pay period savings:
Annual savings:

Lost Productivity From Employees

8. Average time (in minutes) lost per day, per employee:
Average daily wages overpaid:
Average weekly wages overpaid:
Annual recaptured wages: