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Learn how the Affordable Care Act impacts time and attendance, plus, learn how our software (like XactTime) can help you become and stay compliant in 2016 and beyond.

Time and attendance solutions should save you money and even pay for themselves over time.  Learn how to reduce your workforce operating costs by implementing time keeping software.

Workforce user experience is important, but so is security. Do you know which type of system is right for your employees that can still provide advanced access control management?

Synel’s facial recognition complete solutions provide look-and-go access and attendance.

Imagine, within seconds, one glance can authenticate and grant a user door access and punch them “IN” simultaneously. Synel’s SYFace technology makes this possible by authenticating the user based on a stored template.

The right time and attendance solution can pay for itself easily over time.

By implementing Synel’s complete time and attendance solutions, companies can eliminate the time-consuming process of manually recording time, attendance, benefits and other workforce management related functions. Consider the following benefits and how a new system can provide the return on investment needed to pay for the system itself over time.

Learn how to ease employees’ privacy concerns about biometric technology.

Biometric technology has quickly become the new standard for verifying user identities in the data collection process, which in turn contributes to more secure work environments. While the benefits of biometric data verification are well documented, employees have a right to be concerned about the way this technology affects their privacy.

Implement biometric data capture devices for attendance and access control to eliminate buddy punching and save.

How to Eliminate Buddy Punching with Biometrics? Employers need reliable authentication technology to ensure that employees cannot deceive the terminal by entering in another employee’s credentials in their absence. With Synel’s dynamic optimization data collection technology and active anti-spoofing technology, employers can harness the most powerful fingerprint security solution in the industry.