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How do you know which type of system your organization needs for its attendance solution? Time tracking and payroll can be greatly improved when the correct system is implemented. Learn how to make the best decision between cloud-based and desktop-based attendance solutions.

How should employees punch in/out and access entryways? Secure and accurate authentication (or verification or validation) is extremely important. Consider the various methods that are available for data collection and select the right one (or combination) for your workplace.

Whether your organization is upgrading its time tracking solution from paper, excel, or an existing biometric device, it’s important to know these 5 essential considerations for time and attendance tracking solutions. 

Regardless of whether the employee is hourly or salary, contracted or tenured, time theft is a big problem costing employers millions of dollars annually. How can you recognize time theft in the workplace, stop it, and prevent it? 

Speculation in the labor industry has employers questioning if the FLSA overtime rules could be overturned by the new presidential administration after the inauguration. Learn what a repeal on these new regulations could mean, and what employers can do to prepare.

There are several common methods employers use when calculating time, attendance, breaks and other labor-related tracking. Learn about the ins and outs of time sheet rounding. Is it time sheet rounding legal? Is it saving me or costing me money?

The FLSA deadline is quickly approaching; have you familiarized yourself with all of the FLSA provisions? Are you ready to implement necessary labor and hour policy changes? Learn about 5 of the most important considerations for avoiding FLSA mistakes and lawsuits.

Create a better “break” culture in your office to improve productivity, employee engagement, and labor costs in order to maximize workplace break policies.

Do you know what kind of user experience (UX) questions to ask when shopping for a time and attendance system and software? 

Familiarize yourself with the overtime rules in California. Plus, see how easy it is to enable California overtime laws in our software to ensure your employees get paid according to law – without calculating anything by hand.

Learn why biometric data capture technology makes sense in the workplace and how to best harness it with the Synel Americas Advantage.


Utilize bells as audible signals to improve workforce management

Automated occurrence ratings are simple, fair, and directly improve labor utilization and associated costs

Gain the advanced insight you need to improve workforce management and labor utilization

Eliminate error-prone, time-consuming, manual accrual calculations and implement benefit automation by implementing automated Benefit Accrual Tracking (PTO Tracking)

Use your favorite web browser to clock in and out for online operation with desktop convenience

The standards established to protect employees by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) depreciate over time due to inflation, which is why in 2014, President Obama signed a memorandum instructing the DOL to provide updated, new FLSA overtime pay regulations and protections for minimum wage and overtime work. Following the notice, the department sought feedback to help define the ‘Final Rule,’ and ultimately determined the key provisions and timeline to extend eligibility to over 4.2 million workers.

Synel America’s software product XactTime, which is powered by Time America, is a web-based time and attendance solution that also features a mobile app called XTMobile, available for both iOS and Android. XTMobile’s most recent release features the new capability to define geographical boundaries and zones to restrict employee punches to specific areas. Learn more about mobile geofencing for time & attendance software.

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, uses a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to hardware devices. Learn the benefits of PoE to determine if this infrastructure setup is right for your organization and needs, and check out our technology that utilizes PoE.

In an effort to stimulate better accountability for long-term care facilities, a new mandatory compliance measure is being undertaken with Section 6106 of the Affordable Care Act, and it is being referred to as the “PBJ Staffing Data Submission Program,” “Payroll Data Submission – Payroll Based Journal Reporting,” or sometimes just as “PBJ Reporting.”