Cloud-based time and attendance with NO contract, no risk

Synel America’s newest time and attendance option is available in a monthly subscription starting at $1.50/month per employee, no contract, no risk. Also available in licensed and reseller options.

Businesses of all sizes invest millions of dollars annually in software systems they expect to help them achieve their goals, and hopefully improve their bottom line. Often, businesses find out down the line that the system they purchased is not serving the purpose it ought to, or their needs have changed. For whatever the reason, a costly investment in licensed software does not always pay off as the business expects. What if your business could avoid purchasing a license for another imperative system such as time and attendance? Find out how managing employee attendance, scheduling, PTO/time can be done via the cloud without sacrificing any advanced options – all without a contract.


Starting at $1.50/mo per employee

Why commit to a specific database size right up front? The right time and attendance solution should be scalable and grow with your organization, not let you grow it. With DayTrack, pay only for active employees on a monthly basis. Administrative users are counted the same way employees are, and any seasonal or other employees who are not active can remain in your files, ready for activation at any time. All support and maintenance charges are built right in, so there are no hidden fees for technical support and assistance. Add optional modules like job costing or meal vouchers to your system at any time.


4+ ways to punch in

With DayTrack’s web-based convenience, employees can punch in via any modern browser (from desktop, laptop, workstation, etc.), from our mobile app (DayTrack Smart available for iOS and Android), from a biometric fingerprint time clock, or with badge/ID card via proximity, barcode or magnetic reader.


Customize your system with our experts

Our resident experts and partner reseller network will work with you, whether you know exactly what rules you need to define or you’re just starting out, we will cover each option in detail to ensure the system validates, calculates, imports and exports exactly as intended. Our decades of experience in the time and attendance industry has afforded us the unique ability to create this web-based solution with the specific and evolving needs of our industry in mind, including unlimited definitions for pay policies and pay types, like overtime, sick time, jury duty, unpaid time and more. Let us import your existing employee data, or input it yourself if you prefer. We’ll make sure everything from punch to payroll is running smoothly.


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DayTrack is also available in a license and reseller option.