Paper Time Keeping VS. Software

Time and attendance solutions should save you money and even pay for themselves over time.  Learn how to reduce your workforce operating costs by implementing time keeping software.

Paper Time Keeping VS. Software

Studies have shown that manual totaling of time cards takes approximately six minutes per card each pay period.

Implementing hardware and software to collect time and attendance data saves time and labor from manually totaling time cards, reduces human error from calculating totals, and can even prevent unauthorized punching/rounding/overtime as programmed. Plus, export data directly for your payroll company and further reduce chance of human error. Select from swipe-and-go technology, fingerprint readers, facial recognition technology, web clock, telephony, smartphone app for iOS and Android, and more. When the data is collected at the terminal, the software interprets the data and can even match it with a schedule for real-time attendance/absence reporting, among other features.


The average lost productivity per day is forty-nine minutes according to studies conducted by the Robert Half Agencies.

We realize that small businesses can often feel caught in a continuous battle to reduce costs and increase productivity. We also realize that small and mid-sized businesses often operate on a limited budget and IT resources. When cost, ease of use and minimal maintenance are key factors for your business automation decisions, Synel’s complete solutions with training, implementation and support are the reliable answer. We understand the need to maximize your investment in time and attendance and total workforce management systems while limiting the burden on your existing resources. That’s why we have technical training staff, technical support staff, client services and more on our team ready to assist you.

Plus, gain visibility into attendance and absence patterns as well as scheduling habits that can help you maximize your workforce decision making and improve your bottom line. Productivity and efficiency are directly impacted by additional insight into workforce attendance numbers, and our complete solutions can provide the information you need.

Studies have shown the human error factor when calculating payroll to be from 1% to 8%.

With the right technologies, platform support, ease of use and cost points, the right solution should streamline your workforce management, allowing you to focus your valuable time and resources on running your business and growing your bottom line, not catching mistakes in timecard entries and mistyped numbers.

Looking for a convenient “buy it” one time license option or a “pay-as-you-go” hosted option? Either way, your business can take advantage of maintenance, upgrades, in-house support, training, implementation, standard and extended warranty options, repair and more.

Automated time keeping and benefit tracking will reduce the time spent manually entering time sheet data, reducing the probability of human errors, and grow with your business as you add employees. Stop putting pen to paper and increase your productivity and efficiency! Increase the accuracy of your payroll upon implementation and maximize your ROI.