Universal Time Clock Hardware

You have an existing program/software for attendance, time tracking and time off requests, and now you have a need to add “universal time clock hardware” for capturing time and attendance data. Learn how our nearly all of our time clock hardware solutions can be customized to meet your team’s needs.


I have a time and attendance system. I just want to add a time clock.

We can do that. Giving employees (and other users) access to an additional method of data collection for time and attendance is a great way to increase employee engagement, encourage consistent use, and improve ROI. You select the hardware to add, provide us with information concerning your existing software/setup, and what information should be exchanged, and we’ll determine the next steps for creating that seamless connection. You can add one clock or hundreds; we’ll map it out.

What makes Synel Americas’ hardware solutions so versatile?

Because we manufacture our own time clock hardware and because we have internal teams of developers and engineers, we have the unique ability to interface with nearly any software or workforce management system. We offer a wide variety of time clock hardware solutions, from biometric fingerprint scanners, to facial recognition devices, to badge scanners and hand punch technology, and each technology presents a unique opportunity (and challenge) when it comes to interfacing. Our team knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we work to determine the best course of action that works for that particular need. In some cases, we create a custom interface that requires a custom software development kit, some cases require middleware, and others utilize bridging applications. Some projects require a combination of tools. There are an unlimited number of ways we create the missing link to ensure full connectivity and seamless workflows for time and attendance.

What kinds of time clock hardware technologies and modalities are available?

At this time, we offer a wide range of modalities/methods and data collection options. We offer biometric data collection, badge verification, PIN/password authentication options, and more. For a full range of our hardware, consider browsing our portfolio of products side-by-side. The modality and type of the elected hardware do play a role in determining the best connection and method for the partnership. Deciding which modality is best is something we’ve blogged about before.

Can anyone purchase your hardware for use with their software?

The short answer: yes. While we can create customized solutions that can push and/or pull information from your existing systems, hardware can be purchased alone without services, middleware, or software. We also partner with vendors who provide their own software solutions and have a desire to provide an accompanying hardware product. We are always looking for new partnerships with vendors; fill out our partner contact form for more details.

I want to learn more. How do I get in touch with your technical people?

We’d love to hear from you. Take a moment to get in touch with our sales team so we can find the right person for your needs.