Job/Labor Costing & Validation

Gain the advanced insight you need to improve workforce management and labor utilization


The Job/Labor Costing & Validation Module allows you to gain control over your business so you have the insight, data and information you need to make important workforce management decisions.

  • Empower your managers with data surrounding labor performance so they have the insight to make cost-saving decisions based on profitability objectives and goals.
  • Improve workforce productivity while reducing your payroll costs.
  • 100% integration with time, attendance and/or benefit accruals.
  • Compare actual wages paid or hours worked with actual budgets, schedules or rates.
  • Track and break down costs by department, job, step, operation or task, or rename these levels.


Discern exactly how much time was spent in all areas of the operation and break down the data by employee, shift, department, job, step, operation, task, or further broken down into three levels of overtime.


Apply labor rates to the hours tracked to accurately total labor costs. Use actual employee wages or preset rates (including overhead) can be used.


Keep track of quantities produced, accepted and rejected along with the labor associated with producing them. Quantity reports illuminate how much time by department, employee, job, step (etc.) was expended to produce a particular quantity.

Piece Rate

Used in conjunction with quantities, a gross piece rate can be reported by department, employee, job, step, etc. and then compared to projected rates.

Budgeting, Charge Rates & Forecasting

Determine whether a project will incur more or less than the projected values using real-time budgetary data to compare budgeted, scheduled and actual for a complete picture to help you avoid overpaying employees and to meet project projections.


Eliminate key stroke errors and increase accuracy by defining a validation method for data entry (such as visual or table validation).


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