DayTrack Module: Job Costing or Labor Levels

Learn about DayTrack’s module for labor levels, sub labor levels, and cost centers.

DayTrack’s web-based time and attendance system manages more than just attendance and time off, it manages labor levels and sub labor levels, also known as cost centers.

There are a variety of ways this feature can be defined to work for your organization. The most common way that employers and organizations use this function is when employees need to split time between multiple types of jobs during a shift, specifically if these different job types correspond with varying pay rates. Another reason an employer might want an employee to designate part of a shift as part of one labor level versus another is if these different job types belong to different project budgets and bids, these different jobs can be assigned as defined labor levels and sub levels within DayTrack so an employee can track time to a project.

In the screen shot below, notice the various definitions associated with the labor level configurations. This is the administrator’s view.


Manage Labor Levels


Assign an unlimited number of pay types and pay policies or time classifications to each labor level if different policies apply. This includes overtime, restrictions, and more.


Manage Payroll Policies


Manage Pay Types

Once the employee’s labor levels have been assigned to them, they will have the ability to switch labor levels when they clock in/out from whichever convenient method you select: the web-based system permits employees to access it from any modern internet browser, the mobile app enables the employee to switch labor levels or cost centers from the Android or Apple smartphone using the DayTrack Smart (free) mobile app with their credentials, or from a hardware device onsite, with biometric fingerprint authentication, facial recognition, card reader/badge or PIN.

Create & Export Reports

To report on time recorded to the various labor levels/cost centers that are defined, visit the report center (administrators only) to chose from the various labor level reports. Don’t see a report you need? We can create a custom report for you on an as-needed basis. (Report generator/builder scheduled to arrive in 2018.)

Ask our sales team how job costing and labor levels can work for you.