Time & Attendance Software as a Service: How Cloud Changed the Game

Gone are the days when a CDROM (or worse, a series of floppy discs) was required to reap the benefits of time and attendance systems. While there are still a handful of scenarios in which on premise installations make sense, the vast majority of companies (of all sizes and types) are now enjoying the paybacks of cloud-based time and attendance and other workforce management systems. Learn how this technology changed the game, and why it makes sense to invest in a cloud-based T&A system.


Introducing: The Cloud

Cloud-based services, or web-services, are essentially defined by the common fact that they are hosted not at the users’ location (typically hosted by the developing company) and therefore do not require the end user’s internal infrastructure. This removes the expensive investment in not only the hardware but also the people power that is required to build, protect, and maintain an internal infrastructure. Additionally, the risk associated with maintaining an internal infrastructure in today’s climate is an expensive liability given the prevalence of ransomware, malware, and expensive backup and disaster recovery solutions. Cloud-based solutions come in all shapes and sizes, including Software as a Service, or SaaS solutions, storage solutions, and more. By removing the technology that was previously required to host software internally, companies save up-front on hardware and personnel costs, and save long-term by avoiding the associated risk and liability.


Updates & Upgrades

Typically, a developer’s periodic updates and upgrades are not automatic for on premise systems. These enhancements can require involvement from a technical person on the user side, are not always free, and are never immediate. Cloud-based SaaS systems, however, release updates and upgrades for the entire system with minimal downtime and no (or little) involvement from the user. When a new feature is released, SaaS users will immediately have access to the new feature and take advantage of the option right away.



Without investing in an entire infrastructure upgrade in order to accommodate company growth, our T&A SaaS solutions can be easily increased per user and/or per administrator. Company growth is typically inevitable, but it’s also costly. With DayTrack, you only pay for exactly as many users as are active in that month; no more, no less.


Get Up & Running

Because our cloud-based time and attendance solutions are already live and ready to go, getting up and running is simply a matter of configuration. Our experts can configure your policies, rules, pay types, schedules, exports, and more based on a comprehensive questionnaire to ensure your system operates as expected from day one.


Tweak & Repeat

Regardless of how often policies are changed – new pay types are created, users transfer departments or reports need to be created – tweaking the system is intuitive and straightforward. With DayTrack, the administrator has access to the maintenance panel to configure everything from policies to hardware connections without the involvement of a technical expert (although we can provide that, too).


Safety & Security

Because our cloud-based time and attendance solutions are hosted on our own servers, we back up and protect your data so you don’t have to. Your data is safely duplicated based on advanced protocols and procedures to prevent unpredictable disasters, ensuring data can always be resorted if that unfortunate circumstance should arise. In addition, personal identifying information requires specific compliance requirements for protection. Rest assured this information is safely encrypted from punch to payroll, without having to invest an additional cent.



Instead of being confined to waiting in line for an on-premise work station or stationary time clock on a wall, Saas-based solutions are cloud-based, and therefore only require access to a browser and the internet. In fact, DayTrack is compatible with all modern browsers on all PCs, laptops and tablets. Plus, DayTrack Smart, a mobile application, is available for both iOS and Android (and can be downloaded for free!).



DayTrack’s subscription model starts at $1.50 per employee/admin per month. Pay only for active employees/admins. Don’t pay extra for a payroll export or custom pay policies – get the customized setup and training you need to get started today. Learn more about DayTrack’s attractive web-based subscription and its advanced capabilities.


Ready to give the game-changing, cloud-based time and attendance a try? Make the change today.