Building a Case for Updated Time and Attendance Tracking

The right time and attendance solution can pay for itself easily over time.

By implementing Synel’s complete time and attendance solutions, companies can eliminate the time-consuming process of manually recording time, attendance, benefits and other workforce management related functions. Consider the following benefits and how a new system can provide the return on investment needed to pay for the system itself over time.

Old school time clock

Save Time and Labor

Imagine the time you’ll save just by automating and computerizing payroll, benefit accruals, reports, and more using our software. Plus, implement customizable rounding rules or schedules to reduce costly time theft.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Synel’s advanced biometric data collection solutions can help eliminate buddy punching. We also recommend requiring a combination of authentication methods for advanced security, like requiring magnetic card and pin ID, or, facial recognition and proximity badge, for example.

Eliminate Human Error

When employees aren’t required to manually write down their time, and later have it entered by a manager, there are a reduced number of times which human error can occur. These errors often result in over pay, and at the least, Synel technologies eliminate the time wasted correcting human data entry error.

Audit With Ease

The ability to run employee and job time tracking reports provides value-added benefits that your company can utilize to improve your bottom line. Find and track patterns over time and create customized reports quickly and easily.

Annual Savings

While doing the work of several people with increased speed and accuracy, your Synel system will also contribute to additional savings as the system is built to last. Synel’s large team of developers and engineers work to ensure the products receive the latest technology. Plus, Synel offers phone and email support in the Americas to help keep you online.

The cost-savings benefits are easy to see.

Did you know?

The average lost time per employee per day in the United States is an average of 6 minutes. (Example: employee could be 2 minutes late for work, take an extra 2 minutes for lunch, and leave 2 minutes early from work.)

The average error factor on payroll in the United States is approximately 3%. Even the most meticulous payroll calculations are up to 1% inaccurate.